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Sandboxie runs your applications in an isolated abstraction area called a sandbox. Under the supervision of Sandboxie, an application operates normally and at full speed, but can't effect permanent changes to your computer. Instead, the changes are effected only in the sandbox.

It extends the operating system (OS) with sandboxing capabilities by blending into it. Applications can never access hardware such as disk storage directly, they have to ask the OS to do it for them. Since integrates into the OS, it can do what it does without risk of being circumvented. Also takes measures to prevent programs executing inside the sandbox from hijacking non-sandboxed programs and using them as a vehicle to operate outside the sandbox.

Also prevents programs executing inside the sandbox from loading drivers directly. It also prevents programs from asking a central system component, known as the Service Control Manager, to load drivers on their behalf. In this way, drivers, and more importantly, rootkits, cannot be installed by a sandboxed program.

You should be able to run most applications sandboxed :

  • Web browsers
  • Mail and news readers
  • Instant messengers and chat clients
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Games ,in particular, online games which download extension software code


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: Sandboxie 5.26

: SandboxieInstall.exe

: 5.9 MB

: Freeware

: 28-Aug-2018

: www.sandboxie.com


: Win7 32-bit / Win7 64-bit / Win8 32-bit / Win8 64-bit / Vista 32-bit / Vista 64-bit

Open paths no longer write any files into sandbox.
Fixed Win 8.1 x86 issue "SBIE2331 Service start failed: [22/5] Access is denied."triggered if KB4093114 was installed.
Fixed "SBIE2335 Initialization failed for process Start.exe [11 / 87]" tiggered after creating a new Sandbox and launching applications right away.
Fixed crashes (and lack of functionality) of start command lines options.
Fixed Internet Explorer crash SBIE2303 Could not hook CryptClassErrorHandler (4) SBIE2224 Sandboxed program has crashed: iexplore.exe [DefaultBox].
Fixed Registry Hive issues introduced in Windows 10 FR (Insider) "SBIE1241 Cannot mount registry hive: [C000003A / 22] SBIE2314 Canceling process Start.exe" when changing container folder to different drives.
Fixed Firefox sandbox content level 2+ issues related to audio, video, printing and crashes.
Fixed Firefox "SBIE2205 Service not Available: CreateDesktop".
Fixed crashes related to browse for folder dialogs.
Added compatibility for Opera v54 /dev + -no-sandbox flag.
Fixed crashes related to the latest versions of Chromium, affecting apps such as Chrome Canary v59.
Improved compatibility for Firefox "Allow direct access to Firefox passwords".
Fixed BSODs and hangs related to Windows 10 Insider v17666 (This is the latest FR version supported in this build).

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